Propose low-profile and highly efficient electronically steerable antenna solutions for the next generation of In-Flight Connectivity services in the horizon 2022-2025.



Objective  #1

Analysis and consolidation of the requirements for the next generation aviation electronically steerable antenna system


Objective  #2

Study the impact of the use cases (e.g. GEO, MEO and LEO satellite constellations, and A2G) on the antenna definition and establish reference architecture for the antenna system


Objective  #3

Perform a first-level assessment of the proposed technologies using paper analysis and potentially building prototypes.


Objective  #4

Prototype of selected technology development for lab demonstrations (i.e. anechoic chambers) and potential over-the-air communication with a Satellite and/or ground infrastructure


Objective  #5

Conduct an important set of tests in order to validate the antenna and system behaviour with regards to the stakeholder requirements